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Who is Jesus?

Jesus Christ was a Jewish man born in approximately 4 BC in the town of Bethlehem in Judea (modern day Israel). He was born by a miracle of God to Mary who was a virgin. We believe Jesus is God as a man. He came to earth to show us that we can know God and relate to and connect with Him.​

Because Jesus came from heaven to be born as a human, we see what God is like - loving, kind and merciful. He performed miracles - healing the blind, enabling people to walk again, raising people from the dead and healing those who were ill. We read about these things in the Bible.

Why do we need Him?

Because humans 'sin' (do wrong things) we cannot  come near to God who is perfect. Not only can we not come near to God, there also needs to be punishment (justice) for our sin and that punishment is death and separation from God forever. Jesus lived a perfect life, without sin and  because he loved us so much he took the punishment for all our sin by his death on the cross so that we could be close to God again. ​

Jesus didn't stay dead after he was killed. He came back to life three days later as He said he would. This proved that He truly was God as a man.​

When we personally acknowledge who Jesus is and his death for us, and when we are sorry for our sins and turn away from that behaviour, we will be forgiven and live in heaven with Him after death.​

Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to be with His people, the church. By the Holy Spirit, Jesus lives in us to guide us and help us in our everyday lives. He teaches us about God, He guides us in our daily lives, brings peace when things are tough, encourages us and gives us strength when we feel we can't go on.

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