Missionaries we support

Expressing God’s love to others is a high value to us, so we financially and prayerfully support a number of people serving God both locally and abroad. We want everyone to know Jesus as their Saviour and to have a relationship with God.


Christine is the mother of one of our members. She has a heart for the people of Uganda and has become a citizen so she can live there permanently. She is mostly self supporting by growing vegetables and livestock. She ministers to the people through radio broadcasts, prison visiting, personal ministy and lifestyle evangelism.



Petry (General Director) and Kyle (Office Manager) are working for the REGEN Foundation at the Horizon Hope teaching skills to young people that will help them become self sufficient adults with gainful employment. Many of these teenagers come from disadvantaged backgrounds or orphanages and their needs are not only academic, but also physiological, social and spiritual. 


Annette works for Scripture Union in New Zealand and for 40% of her time with SU International as a children’s ministry specialist. Her role in NZ is all about supporting churches to nurture the spiritual life of their children and families. She is part of a team who offer training to churches, as well as involvement in SU children’s camps and community programmes.  Her role with SU International is to provide support to SU movements around the world in their work with children, young people and their families. This includes helping to create resources and to run training workshops.


Roger is vice president of the student-led movement of CRU. He is based in Orlando, USA. Cru is the USA version of Tandem Ministries. Much of Roger's time is spent travelling, training and encouraging their workers and students.


Indra and Joyti have built a home to house nine children who were displaced and orphaned after the earthquake in Nepal in 2015. They are based near the Tibetan border where there is little help for the survivors of the disaster. They get no help from the government and children such as the ones in their care would get no education without the financial help sent from New Zealand.

Joyti and Indra.jpg


Evan and Maala are working in Israel with Every Home for Christ. Their ministry is with the Messianic believers at the church Beit Asaph in Netanya. Evan serves in the Reconciliation ministry, 'Musalaha'  building bridges between the Israeli Messianic community and the Palestinian Christian community.  There has been opposition to this and it is hindered by the increase in racist rhetoric.


Paul and Barby are based in Bangalore, India at the South Asia Institute for Advanced Studies (SIACS) where Barby is Dean of Women and Families. Paul is International Programme Director for Langham Preaching, travelling the world encouraging local preachers  to teach Biblical truth,  forming preaching clubs,  where the knowledge is passed on.