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Hirage of Facilities

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What is available in the kitchen - click here

Rooms at the church may be hired by community groups. There are several rooms suitable for different styles of meetings.


  • Our own church groups will always be given preference in bookings.

  • Facilities are not available for private functions with the exception of weddings and funerals.

Auditorium seats a hundred comfortably.


Community Room  is very suitable for groups of up to 50. The kitchen servery opens into this room. Tables and chairs are available.


Godsown Room is suitable for smaller more intimate groups. If refreshments are required, there is a kettle and other necessities can be brought down from the kitchen on trays. This room has its own external door and no through traffic. 


Kitchen - this is a shared area and all groups using the facilities has access to it.  This means that the Community Room may not have confidentiality. 

AVAILABILITY  Click here to see availability of rooms. Click on a booking to see what room/s are booked.

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